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Göttingen 2011

Event: Summer School on Dynamical Systems.
Place: Göttingen (Lower Saxony, Germany).
Date: 24/07/2011 - 6/08/2011.

A typical landmark of Göttingen. You can see the Gänseliesel fountain in the back.

Me at the Gänseliesel fountain, in front of the medieval town hall of Göttingen. The tradition says that everyone that becomes a PhD in Göttingen has to kiss her.

The Gauß-Webber monument. The new doctors in math also have to climb it according to the local tradition. Usually they make jokes with it, observe the bottle of beer in the hand of Gauß!

One of the streets of Göttingen. In the third house on the left-hand side there was a sign indicating that Gauß lived there from 1808 to 1816!

Ilies Zidane and me in the grave of Max Planck (1858 – 1947), Nobel prize in Physics, known for being the founder of quantum theory. Observe the incription of the Planck's constant \[h=6.62\cdot 10^{-34}~W\cdot s^2\] in the bottom of the gravestone!

Me beside the grave of David Hilbert (1862 – 1943). In the bottom of the gravestone you can read his famous sentence


("We must know. We will know.") pronounced in his retirement address the day after Gödel announced his incompleteness theorem.

Simon Albrecht, Aaron Berkowitz, Ilies Zidane, Jordi Canela and me in front of the grave of Johann Carl Friedrich Gauß (1777 – 1855). Maby the most important mathematician ever. There is an inscription in the back of the gravestone but we could not understand it...

Ilies Zidane and me in front of the grave of Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet (1805 – 1859) and his wife.

Arnaud Chéritat, Simon Albrecht, Ilies Zidane, Adam Epstein and me at the tomb of Carl Ludwig Siegel (1896 – 1981). Nowadays, Arnaud Chéritat and Ilies Zidane are among the most active researchers on Siegel discs.

Tania Garfias, Simon Albrecht, Arnaud Chéritat, Jordi Canela, Adam Epstein, Ilies Zidane and me at the tomb of Felix Klein (1849 – 1925). The so-called Klein bottle receives its name after him.

Most of the group in front of the Gänseliesel fountain.