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Event: 1st Jornada d'Investigadors Predoctorals Interdisciplinària.
Place: Historical Building of the Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona (Catalonia).
Date: 7/02/2013.


No hi ha vídeo
Video of the opening.

No hi ha vídeo
Video summarizing the conference.


The opening. From left to right: Anna Alemany (organizer), Dr. Lluís Calvo (Institutional Coordinator of CSIC at Catalonia), Dr. Manuel Barranco (Coordinator of the Barcelona Knowledge Campus from UB), Dr. Jordi Quer (Dean of the Mathematics and Statistics Faculty of the UPC) and myself (as organizer).

The participants.

Xavier Clotet talking about "The breakfast experiment: understanding kinetic roughening".

Daniel Pérez introducing Dr. David Jou and Dr. Jorge Wagensberg in the World Café debate about cience topics.

Arturo Valdivia mentioning our seminar SIMBa at the end of his talk!

Narcís Miguel talking about "Difusió en aplicacions que preserven àrea".

One of the coffee-breaks.

The Speed Networking.

En Daniel Sínchez talking about "Optimal transition paths of stochastic cell differentiation systems".

Maria Martí talking about "Single-molecule methods in biophysics".

Xavier Just talking about "Síntesi total d'antibiotics d'origen marí".

Pol Colomer talking about "Complex Networks" (with a very illustrating example!).

Entrepreneurship Session: "de la bata... a la corbata".

The closing. From left to right: Joan Camuñas (organizer), Mr. Antoni Castellà (Secretariat for Universities and Research of the Government of Catalonia), Dr. Dídac Ramírez (Rector of the UB), Dr. Atilà Herms (Dean of the Physics Faculty of the UB) and Oleguer Sagarra (organizer).

Group picture of all the participants.

Another group picture of all the participants.

Picture of the organizers together with the authorities. From the left to the right, in the top row: Manuel Barranco, Narcís Miguel, Carme Cascante, Blai Garolera, Antoni Castellà, Dídac Ramírez, Atilà Herms, Anna Alemany and Oleguer Sagarra; in the bottom row: Nasser Darwish, Daniel Pérez, Marc Caballero, Joan Camuñas, me, Rubén Pérez, Albert Bruix and José Manuel Rebled.

My "interdisciplinar" belt!